Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Glass Gun Bubbler

Glass Gun Bubbler
A very unique bubbler with the shape of a gun that will impress all of your friends. This glass gun bubbler features the shape of a 45 caliber pistol, one of the most popular pistols on the market.

Made out of pyrex glass makes this gun bubbler to be extremely resistant to heat and almost unbreakable.

Glass Bubbler Bowl
How does it work?  The bowl where the herbs are being stashed is located in the bottom of the handle and the user will inhale the smoke by placing its mouth on the pistol's barrel. The smoke passes through the inside of the gun, being filtered by the water. The water acts like a filter and it cools down the smoke before inhalation.

The glass gun bubbler is pretty easy to be clean, all you need would be some Formula 420 or Orange Chronic glass cleaners which are pretty affordable and do a great job.

The glass gun bubbler has the same dimensions as the regular 45 caliber pistol.
Glass Pistol Bubbler

Vapor Gun Vaporizer

Vapor Gun Vaporizer
Vapor Gun Vaporizer is a different version of the Sneak A Vape herbal vaporizer and features the shape of a gun and couple of other new elements.

Vapor Gun is working the same as the Sneak A Vape - butane gas is used to heat up a hot plate, plate on which the weed is set , making the weed vaporizer. Vapor Gun features a 4 piece construction, dual build in metal screens, adjustor for the flame height, safety lock for children and a "shot" button.

The Vapor Gun works on butane gas and has a see through handle where the butane goes. You will always know how much gas you have left in the vaporizer. It works on butane gas and has a build in metal screen and charcoal filter that will filter out the smoke and fumes so you will inhale only the potent active chemicals from your medical herbs.

Vapor Gun Herbal Vaporizers

Vapor Gun can work as a pipe or a vaporizer - it all depends on the flame's height. When the vapor gun vaporizer is lit you can adjust the flame to heat up the herbs. Please have in mind and make sure that you adjust your flame properly since the flame will allow you to heat up the build in metal screen. This will turn the screen bright read enabling the herb to vaporize through the charcoal filter. Leaving the flame on too long will cause the flame to burn the herbs like a regular pipe.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Six Shooter Pipes

The 6 shooter pipes or six bowl pipes are highly appreciated smoking pipes due to theirs 6 bowls which allow the user to smoke a fresh bowl at every hit and also to smoke 6 different types of herbs  at every hit.

This pipe has a revolving head with 6 bowls where the user can stash the medical herbs. The original six shooter pipes are an innovative approach to smoke your blends. Rather then packing a bowl with 1 type of herbs as conventional smoking pipes do you have the option to put six different flavors in this pipe.

The great thing about this pipe is the material from which the bowl is made of. The revolving six shooter pipes comes in an aluminum and solid brass finish that stays cool with usage. Don’t worry about the metal pipe heating and burning you. 

As far as cleaning and maintenance, these pipes are hassle free. Simply unscrew the top, and wash it it water. The metal is easy to be cleaned.

The metal screens is the only replaceable part of the six shooter pipes. Every once is a while you will need to replace the metal screen due to hygienically  reasons.  

Price wise a six shooter pipe is around 50 bucks , no shipping included. Some site like  sell it together with other 420 accessories such as airtight cans, pollen presses and credit card grinders. 420 Accessories

Keychain Portable Pipes

For any smoker, a portable, small and always there pipe is a necessity. The Keychain Pipes were inspired and designed for this necessity - simply hang this portable pipe by your keychains and have it with you all the time. You can be sure that you will always have a handy pipe with you.

The keychain pipes are very resistant and they have a 2 piece body - the long tube made out of highly resistant plastic and the metal head pipe.

The bowl is deep enough for its size but width wise it's a bit small. The keychain pipe is probably the most portable smoking pipe on the market.

Price wise a keychain pipe is around $5. You can see more on

Baseball Bat Pipes

Baseball Bat Pipes
If your looking for an unconventional and discrete way to smoke your herbs the baseball bat pipes are one of your alternatives.

These pipes are small and portable and made out of durable metal. having the shape of a baseball bat, this pipes are an excellent one hitter. You can carry them anywhere with you , they fit your pockets easily and you will not raise any suspicions. 

Thanks to its baseball bat shape these pipes are small but can stash a good amount of herbs. You can enjoy a hit on the spot or if you want you can stash it up and have a hit later on.

Usually the baseball bat pipes come in three shapes and three colors and their price is pretty cheap around 8 bucks for one. See more here

Monday, February 27, 2012

Easy Vape Five Vaporizer

Easy Vape Five Vaporizer
Easy Vape Vaporizer is a convection vaporizer that blows hot air on the medical herbs to vaporize them. Is designed for cancer patients, people who use marijuana to ease the pain and nausea. Easy Vape Five Herbal Vaporizer is the new version of  Easy Vape Classic Vaporizer.

In the next lines you will see the differences between the Easy Vape Five and Easy Vape Classic Vaporizer:
Maybe Easy Vape Five looks different than its younger brother Easy Vape but works on the same principles - hot air is blown over the weed to heat it up and vaporize it. No flame means no fumes thus the user doesn't get any nasty fumes into its bloodstream and lungs.   

From the DESIGN point of view the Easy Vape Five is more complex and the most important element is the ceramic screen which doesn't need to be replaced anymore. The classic easy vape vaporizer had a metal screen which needed to be change every 2-3 weeks because the metal was corroding during vaporization.

Easy Vape Five features a bigger LCD display and more buttons through which the user can adjust the core temperature or preset the vaporization duration. The Easy Vape Five interface features 5 buttons:
  •   “+” and “-” buttons – using these buttons you will be able to change the temperature and the timer to meet your vaporizing needs;
  • On/Off button - This is located in the center of the 5 buttons. Using this button allows you to switch On or Off your Easy Vape Five vaporizer weed;
  • “S” button – This button completes the selection. So if you finished adjusting the temperature, press the “S” button to complete your change;
  • “M” button – this button allows you to navigate between temperature selection and timer selection. 

Easy Vape on Youtube

Easy Vape 5 cost around 100 bucks and is well known for its efficiency in providing a clean hit. Some online shops even like EzVape5 sell it with free 420 items such as herbal grinders.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Whippet Crackers - Laughing Gas Dispensers

N2O Crackers are used to crack your nitrous oxide chargers and release the gas into a balloon. Those nitrous oxide crackers are also known as laughing gas dispensers.

Brass Whippet Cracker

Are you looking for a brand new Nitrous Whippet Cracker? Are you looking for the safest and most durable dispenser on the market to crack your whippets?

Aluminum or brass whippet crackers are the best whippet crackers as they are sturdy meaning they will not break easily like the nitrous oxide and dispensers competitors.

Being made from brass or aluminum, these nitrous whippet crackers will last a lifetime. No need to keep replacing your whippet crackers as they will always be there at hand.

How To Use The Nitrous Whippet Cracker

One of the best things about using a nitrous whippet cracker is the fact that they are so easy to use. In order to use your aluminum or brass cracker, you must unscrew it into 2 pieces. When you have done this, it is important that you place the whippet in the middle.

The next step is to screw the two pieces of the whippet cracker back together. You must then unscrew the two pieces until you hear the gases escape into the balloon. When the balloon is fully filled you can use your nitrous whippet cracker.

Aluminum N2O Cracker
Nitrous Aluminum Whippet Cracker Features
  • Material: As the name suggests it is made out of Aluminum;
  • Height: Only 3 inches in height.
  • Weight: A light weight of 2.1 oz;
  • Price: $10.95 per unit;
  • Comes with 10 O-rings.

    Brass N2O Cracker
    N2O Brass Whippet Cracker Features
    • Material: brass;
    • Height: 3.2 inches tall
    • Weight: Lightweight of 5.5 oz;
    • Price: $19.95;
    • Comes with 10 O-rings.
    You can find these N2O Crackers or Nitrous Oxide Dispensers by visiting one of the following sites:

    Quick Fix Syntetic Urine - Pass a Drug Test

    Quick -- Fix Your Urine!

    QuickFix Synthetic Urine Kit
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    Synthetic Urine
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    One of the key aspects of the Quick Fix Fake Urine Test Kits are that it can hide almost anything which can be detected by urine. It can hide drugs, nicotine, pregnancy and even health conditions such as diabetes.

    If your urine is under scrutiny of the dreaded urine analysis tests like the EMIT, RIA or the GC/MS, our Quick Fix Fake Urine product is for you. Don’t worry, buy a quick fix today! 
    The Quick Fix Fake Urine Test has an unbeatable value of only $19.95. Both males and females can use this urine test so it doesn’t matter what gender you are, the Quick Fix will hold the solution for you.

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    100% Pass Rate Quick Fix- What More Do You Want?!
    Fake Urine - Quick Fix


    QuickFix Urine Features

    • The Quick Fix Contains all ingredients found in normal urine;
    • Balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatine level;
    • Your fake urine test kit will come with an attached heating pad and heat strip to ensure it remains at human body temperature;
    • Comes with a 100% pass rate.
    • Quick Fix is actually unisex so a man or woman can have the quick fix!
    • Requires no more than just a few seconds to prepare and is very easy to use;
     The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine costs around $20 and you can get it from these sites: 

      Thursday, February 23, 2012

      Titanium Nail for Vapor Globe

      For anyone using medical marijuana vaporizers and the advantage of using glass on glass vapor globes for herbal concentrates is not a new fact. Glass vaporizers usually carry nails which is used during the heating of the herbal concentrates or the weed. Now titanium nails are fast replacing glass nails not only because they are more durable to heat but also this is considered more safer & secure for vaporizing.
      Titanium Nail - Ti Nail

      Made of high Grade 2 titanium these ti nails comes in various lengths and shapes custom made for the vapor globes that is used for heating medical marijuana or any type of herbal concentrates. Far relevant to the user experience the benefits of titanium nails are new for Vapor globes. This specific grade 2 Titanium nails are made in USA by the company Highly educated suited to not only general industrial purposes but specifically in vaporizer uses.In comparison to conventional nails which come fixed in the vaporizer apparatus this Titanium concentrate nail can be infinitely adjustable through the entire length of the vaporizer shaft. This allows the user to move the Nail inside the vaporizer as necessary during heating of the herbal concentrates.

      Titanium Nail
      The Vapor Globe 18 mm nail is made of 99% pure titanium which is famous for being a metal with high resistance to heat and any wear or tear. Normally metal nails used in the vaporizers are subject to intense heat which makes it more susceptible to bending or breaking. Also the use of any other metals in the vaporization process can cause residue fumes from the metals which is hazardous for health. With these high quality titanium nail one can rest safe.This Titanium nail has a joint size of 18 mm with a lightweight as low as 12.19 gms which makes it not only easy to carry and deploy in your vaporizer but also provide the width area necessary for burning.

      The threaded shaft of this nail with a diameter of 0.185” inches 4.70 mm allows for the counterweight to be easily shifted to accommodate any other glass joints in the vaporizer.The cap volume of this titanium nail is as large as 344.1 mm which makes it very suited for any volume of herbal concentrates large or small. The length is 2.450’’ inches which makes it very suited to be placed in the glass vaporizer for a easy puff whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

      This Titanium grade 2 nail is not only manufactured very polished but gives the user the ease to clean without being bothered with any residual material after repeated use.This Ti nail comes at a very handy price of $39.95 compared to other models which are available in the market.Further very easy to order, one can visit online at and check for suitability to their vapor globes.

      Titanium Nails Wholesale